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5/5 at 5 o’clock

Dear Reiki friend, 

These strange times we are in makes us all change on a deep cellular level, and practically we might have to find new solutions in our everyday life. Like writing in English to you now, so that I don’t have to do everything twice. 

I get questions about what I see, if I can describe the portals that I have talked about several times, how long this will last and so on. It very often take some time from I see the energies until I can describe anything with words.

At the moment we are in what I would call the ‘no shit’ compartment; being forced to do our own shadow-work to be able to pull the cosmos into our body… real bodywork!

Reiki is a wonderful tool for this too. This shift is actually cool – even if it hurts in different ways for so many of us. We are all so multi-dimensional layered that my human mind think of it as an infinity picture. Mother Earth and the universe are linked in a holy grail that has ‘a thread’ in each and every one of us.

This holy grail is forcing us to evolve through what I see as portals with different themes. It is so complex that it is difficult to explain with words, but it will all happen through the life we live, conscious or not. Doing energy-work together always helps, and now we have tested doing spiritual work online – and it really is wonderful!

Many of us even feel it stronger because we don’t have to deal with any others density. I am so happy that ‘my work’ has the quality I want it to have, but I must admit that I still struggle a bit with the technical part…. When I channel I am far away from the practical part of the brain 🙈

This week there will be an Energy workshop for all levels tomorrow, Tuesday 5.5 at 5 o’clock – YES, a 5’ portal. Change and freedom is key words, on a deep personal inner level – seeds for thought!

If you want to join, sign in here – Being a beginner in this technical world, I always try to be a little early, there are several steps before we are ‘on’.



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